Support for Mothers

Parenting will always be hard. But together we'll find ways to help you experience the other parts too. 

Some of the challenges that mothers commonly face include:

  • Mood issues (fatigue, sadness, irritability, agitation)

  • Chronic stress

  • Sleeping and/or eating issues

  • Trouble prioritizing and taking care of your own needs

  • Worries and anxiety

  • Memories of your own childhood that might be interfering with your ability to be present with your children

The dark, shadowy side of motherhood-- the part that circles of women have whispered about forever, but that rarely gets to speak in a voice louder than that whisper-- is real. And it can be frightening, intense, and so very lonely. 

I will offer you compassionate, grounded, real-life support and encouragement. I'll help you navigate the dark places inside and also make room to enjoy the places where the clouds break.  For a free consultation please contact me.