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Start Where You Are

In this season of change and beginnings for anyone involved in the lives of children, this phrase is a powerful one. We spend a lot of time waiting for things to happen—as though our life is right around the corner. Thoughts like… “As soon as the kids start back up school, I’ll get some time for myself and start back up at the gym,” or, “once this deadline at work passes, I’ll be able to see my way clear and make some space for a new project.”

As you may have noticed, the proverbial “corner” keeps getting further and further away. The obstacles become larger and the promise of what’s on the other side calls out louder. This keeps us chasing, moving, working… but feeling bored, uninterested, tired, and frayed at the edges.

What does it mean to “start where you are?” It means that now is the time. This is the moment.

Here You Are. And this is as lovely as any place to begin.

Where does this next chapter of your story start?

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