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Why Therapy?

Simply put, because therapy provides SPACE.

Space to consider, to reflect, to be listened to, seen, supported, coached, encouraged, and challenged. It gives us the chance to practice new ways of being in relationships to other people, and to ourselves.

Many people come to therapy with general feelings that something's not quite right. You may have lost the rhythm in your step, or you're feeling lost and out of touch with those around you. You don't have to know WHAT is wrong to know that you need help.

As social, relational creatures, we are hardwired to be in contact and connection with those around us. The very nature of this makes it challenging, if not impossible, to see ourselves clearly. In essence, we need others in order to be ourselves most fully. In this space of being seen by someone else, we become able to see ourselves in new ways. These new ways begin to alter our stories of who and what we are. We become more able to shake off the pains of the past and imagine new futures for ourselves. We find ways of transforming our suffering into potential and opportunity.

Imagine if you could create more space in your life. What would you do with it?

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