About Me

My background and training is in regulation and attachment, expressive arts, trauma treatment, somatics (body-based), and the intersections of the social, cultural, and political setting with individual health and wellness. I am committed to looking at issues of diversity as they impact ways in which we relate to and feel seen by one another. The templates that we each carry for relationships are shaped by social and cultural factors that impact the extent to which we feel safe, supported, and trusting of others. Being from an immigrant parent and raised in a bi-cultural family, I also have unique perspective and understanding of the issues related to assimilation, dislocation, and loss, and the development of a blended cultural, spiritual, and ethnic identity. 

I have been providing psychotherapy to children, families, and adults since 2005. This includes over a decade of direct experience providing individual and family psychotherapy, consultation to parents and school providers, time as a clinician in a therapeutic preschool, program development and management, and clinical supervision of mental health staff and interns.

I hold a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from New College of California (2006), Bachelor’s Degrees in Psychology and Women’s Studies from UC Santa Cruz (2001), and post-Bachelor’s coursework in Early Childhood Education. 

I am also a graduate of both the Irving B Harris Early Childhood Mental Health Training Program and the Child Trauma Institute, and endorsed as an Infant-Family Early Childhood Mental Health Specialist and Reflective Practice Facilitator.