Therapy for Children and Families 

Negative behaviors begin as adaptations-- to help us survive challenging times-- and easily turn into habits and patterns that are hard to break. Together we will help you and your child develop healthier, more productive and effective ways of coping with stress. 

Through play, talk, and somatics, I help children and their families with:

  • Anxiety and worries 

  • Transitions (such as parental separation, birth of a sibling, moving)

  • Coping after being witness to frightening events

  • Social, academic, and behavioral challenges at school

  • Confidence and self-esteem

  • Emotional regulation (learning to manage feelings without blowing up or shutting down)

Play is freeing and fun, and it paves the path for healing in children. It allows them to symbolize their experience, and to process feelings and emotions that might otherwise be too confusing, frightening, or overwhelming to feel—but that may be manifesting in the form of “symptoms" like worries, aggression, or withdrawal. This process helps them to gain a sense of control over their surroundings and renewed confidence in their skills and abilities. 


In general, I believe in working very closely with parents. This will bring you and your child closer and help you know how best to support your child. Please contact me to talk about the specifics of your family's situation.  I welcome all family configurations.