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My approach is holistic and integrative. I incorporate many different techniques and strategies, and how this looks varies widely from person to person— I use my background and training to meet you where you are.

Here are the foundations that I draw from:

Internal Family Systems: IFS is a gentle and non-pathologizing approach that assists you in developing a place of internal curiosity, clarity, and calm. From this steady, secure seat inside of yourself, we work to help you connect with and learn from the more challenging aspects of your experience— showing up as protective and wounded "parts." As it happens in external families, when we offer connection and care towards our internal families, understanding and tolerance grows and healing begins to take place.

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing): EMDR is a form of trauma treatment that taps into our brain’s innate capacity to make new connections and generate new beliefs about ourselves and our safety in the world. EMDR can be a powerful adjunct to ongoing relational psychotherapy, or can be utilized on its own to target symptoms of depression, anxiety, panic, and PTSD. Visit the EMDRIA website for more information: https://

Exploration of social justice issues: We are all impacted, though in painfully unequal ways, by the racism, xenophobia, gender and sexuality inequities, and other discriminations endemic in our society. These influences, and the intersections between them, affect all aspects of our development as individuals and as a community and larger society. I encourage exploration of this in psychotherapy as well as within our relationship.

Focus on our relationship as a healing agent of change: My most trusted intervention is a profound appreciation for your process of looking within, and I strive to intimately understand your unique experience in your relationships and your world. There will be places where our experiences overlap and places where they diverge— I welcome exploration of this, and I bring a commitment to collaboration, warmth, and engagement to all of my interactions with clients.

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